Reading Response

What do you think the main character’s goal is.

I think the main characters goal is to try to get a superpower. Ever since he got the Ooze book he has been trying very thing the book said. The book said that is you get two feathers and dump some powder on yourself you will be able to fly. HE ACTUALLY DID FLY!(but only 10 seconds). Now he does everything the book says just to get super powers. He does very bizarre things no matter what. But now he is trying to figure out why superpowers only last 10 seconds. He now has a new goal.

How might a large event affect the rest of the story?

Time, place, and event are the things that matter. Eg. Class 5pm-6pmn in the gym and party 4pm-5pm at school. One event is affecting the other. If you did not have the party at school you would be able to go to your call at the gym. One event can affect another by interfering with its time and place. So in my book If the main character has two events that might affect his sleep time cause he may come home late because of all the time that is used up.

Reflecting on my life at school

Being a premier, a leader, and a participator all at the same time same time has been fun. Every day at school for me has been interesting and fun. Here are some examples of great times: Getting elected as premier, participating in events / extra-curricular activities, and having my very first potluck. I have had so much fun at this school and can’t wait to visit this school again.

As a student I try to participate in many events I can. That allows me to make more friends, get included with others and sometimes teaches me a lesson. Events count as trips, potlucks, and especially extra-curricular activities. Getting involved in curricular activities is very important. I had joined BMB, Dance Team, Softball Team, and the Video Game Club. Theses clubs or teams gave me the chance of learning with a better experience. So I took the chance and learned to be responsible, organised, and caring.

When the class election were started, I thought I wouldn’t make it to be premier. But at the same time had lots of patience and perseverance so I never gave up on myself. And here I am premier of room 205. As a premier I try very hard to make my class a better place. I can’t wait for next year to tryout for more leadership roles.

I have had experienced learning with many great teachers. I have been in this school for 7 years so that means I have had 7 teachers. Ms. Ten POW, Ms. Lee, Mr. Lee, Ms. London, Ms. Kemmerer, and Ms. Katz. A very special thanks to these teachers.

After all that fun, it is now to leave. Cause unfortunately McKee goes from jk-gr.5. I am going to miss McKee and all McKee moments. I will certainly have a visit at McKee later on in life.


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What would happen if the main character lost his/her family?

If Quinn lost his family all the support he needs will go away. This support is needed to train and prepare for his 100 mile run. His brother keeps him company, his mom packs his water and all that food/snacks, and his dad helps him practice. If he lost his family he would not be able to run 100 miles. Plus what matters is he would not learn what is right or wrong. He also needs his family to teach him and him to teach them. Examples: To give up or keep trying. To cause chaos or order!

Choose a character that matches your personality.

Quinn, the main character!

He is a person who shows responsibility, perseverance, and bravery. He has shown these qualities by being returning things he borrowed in great shape, never giving up the 100 mile race, and tried something some people would not even dare to do. Run 100 miles. I demonstrated these qualities by being on task, not giving up the things I’m asked to do, and was not scared to go in one of the haunted houses my friend was afraid of.

The story of Mr.Lee

His name was Mr lee. He was one of the best scientists in the world. He was studying electro – optics. His mission was to make a balance beam. Not just any balance beam. This balance beam was very queer from others. All I knew was that he was up to something. Mr lee, as usual made Yorkshire pudding every single morning and started working on his invention. Another unusual fact is that he liked to keep his house xeric. But he was a cool person. One day he finally achieved his goal. And came outside and started acting like a zombie. His zombiism movement was quite strange. What happened?! I had to abate this invention, Suddenly a thing came out of the machine. It was quite hard hitting!

Part 2 coming soon!

Ultra Reading responses

Explain a new video game related to the story.


This video game is about running an ultra marathon. It is a full simulation of running a real ultra marathon just like Quinn(main character)  running the marathon. In the book, Quinn runs 100 miles (ultra marathon). The same thing would happen in the game except for the fact that you can choose what music you wanted to listen to and you can choose the distance you want to travel when running… you will also be able to access MORE advanced features! Another feature is that if you want you can use a treadmill and connect the game so it can count how far you ran. Anyway, that’s the game!

Choose a weapon that can represent the story.

The Sworduntitled (31)

A sword is a strong and mighty weapon used for defence and war. It is also very hard to break with you bare hands. So I chose that. The main character in the book is mighty and never breaks/ gives up. He is very energetic and always finishes his tasks. He is just like. Sword he won’t break verbally or physically. He will just keep on going.

Reading Response beatles

Do you think the main character will live to the very end?

Usually main characters do live to the very end. But because this is a non fiction book the Beatles would probably want to be immortal but that is how life is. People don’t live forever, unless you are a mythical creature or something. The Beatles are awesome but it isn’t fair, cause if they live forever and we don’t what makes them so special. We are all humans and we don’t live forever.

If the Beatles invent something what would they invent?

I think they would invent an instrument called “betaloniocamahattrumletscorpiano”… well, that’s what I think they would invent. They are a really cool guys that make music that is why I think they would make an instrument. The instrument will probably start will b for Beatles. And probably will relate to the Beatles…


The Beatles: reading response

What do you think the main characters goals are?

I think the Beatle’s goals are to get a good job, have a good life, make some money, build up their family and to get famous… just like most people. These guys are awesome and all but do they want to be called awesome? I think so, their goal is to get famous, form one big group, and live their lives. The Beatles rock!

How would a large event in the story effect the rest of the story?


If a one of the Beatles wasn’t born the Beatles would have a different person in the band or only 3! What a complete disaster! If we lose the drummer we will have no beats. No beats no fun! Because they were part of a team they sounded better. Quantity sometimes equals quality. But quality and quantity equals awesomeness. All group members count. Eg. If you had a video game without Mario and only bad guys it wouldn’t be as much fun would it? That explains everything is awesome when we work as a team. So if one member wasn’t born. The Beatles could be have famous for some other thing. Or something else would have happened.


Whet would be the characters dream?

If the character had a dream it would be to survive the werewolf and go home. Right now the kids are dying to go home. There is a werewolf stalking the campers. They are probably willing to live than get eaten, am I right? The kids desperately want to just tell their parents all about what happened in the summer camp.